Virtual Real Estate Sales Practices


Most people that want to sell their homes are willing to let people inside to view it, if done under the right conditions. Open houses are not currently allowed so there is no need to worry about that locally.

However, what can you do to insure your own personal safety yet get the job done?

Recent technology is stepping forward to save the day! Having a digital game plan and an effective online marketing strategy will help in selling your house.

Listing photos have been available online for twenty years but video tours are really catching on. Getting a video walk-through of your home is almost essential nowadays.

Real estate agents can help make your sale happen even while abiding by state and local regulations. Here is what an Agent can do for you to sell your home:

  • Virtual tour of the home
  • Accurate and detailed listing information
  • High-quality listing photos
  • Agent-led video chat

Knowing exactly what today’s buyers need, Agents put the necessary digital steps in place. Then they will be sure that the prospective buyer is pre-qualified by a mortgage originator to be financially eligible to purchase your home. Next comes the actual viewing of your home with these steps in place required by state and local restrictions: 

  • Limit in-person activity, only one person allowed inside at a time with their agent, no children
  • Require guests to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Remove shoes or cover with booties
  • Follow CDC guidance on social distancing and wearing face coverings

Be sure that you are comfortable with your agent and their technological capabilities.

Nate Johnson, CMO at ® notes:

“As real estate agents and consumers seek out ways to safely complete these transactions, we believe that technology will become an even more imperative part of how we search for, buy and sell homes moving forward.”

Looks like we are taking a giant leap into the 21st century.