12 Smart Home Devices to Help Sell Your Home


Want to sell your home? Here are 12 home selling tips.

Here are 12 Smart Home Devices that will help sell your home!

1. Smart Speakers – Need a personal assistant at home? Ask it questions, schedule reminders and a lot more!

2. Smart Plugs – Sync a smart plug with your smart phone to turn on or off any plug-in devices remotely.

3. Smart Locks – Forget your keys? No problem! Use a code to get in or unlock your door from your smart phone.

4. Smart Switches – Forget to turn the light off? Turn lights on or off from your smartphone with a smart switch.

5. Smart Bulbs – Want to add some color to your room? Smart bulbs can adjust to any color and brightness from your smartphone.

6. Smart Doorbell – Find out who rang your doorbell or stole your Amazon package with a smart doorbell.

7. DIY Home Security – Monitor your home from your smart phone. If someone breaks in you will find out immediately!

8. Smart Appliances – Smart appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and stoves tend to be more energy efficient.

9. Smart Thermostats – control the temperature of your home from your smartphone to help lower your electric bill.

10. Heated Floors – Keep your feet nice and warm during the winter with heated floors!

11. Smart Toilets – The #1 way to go #1 or #2 and to conserve water.

12. Smart Curtains – Open your blinds without getting out of bed using your smartphone!