Divorce and Real Estate in New London County


Setting proper expectations for divorcing clients is essential in making the real estate transaction proceed as smoothly and stress free as possible.

The process can move along without delay when people have had proper instruction and know what is happening.


Successful Realtors have learned contracts backwards and forwards. The details are very important to point out to the parties involved. There are certain bullet points that are needed to be known. You need to understand the whole framework of the transaction, from listing agreements to Purchase and Sale contracts, especially addendums and contingencies removals. Any time a form is sent out for signatures the husband and wife need to be educated as to why they are signing it.

In the case of a divorce the courts may order property to be sold so that the assets can be divided. If children are involved, the home may have to be sold quickly so that the new home will be in a preferred school district. Resolution is a primary goal of Realtors assisting divorce cases. Diffusing the conflict while remaining neutral is a necessary part of the job. The targeted end result is getting the best success coming out of a nightmare situation.

Listing a property, marketing and going through the negotiation process normally takes a lot of time. Add the hostile emotions involved and trying to satisfy both sellers takes even longer. Patience is a necessary virtue to be exercised by the Realtor.

In a down economy divorce becomes more prevalent. The short sale and foreclosure markets grow. Distressed markets just add fuel to the flame. The situation becomes more complex with title issues, being behind in mortgage payments, liens, and more. High conflict in a case will slow things down. It is important for both parties to know that cooperation is needed. Mastering neutrality and the perception of bias is crucial for a Realtor.

According to https://www.roadsnacks.net/connecticut-divorce-rates, Groton leads New London County with a 6% divorce rate. You must get through the current situation so that you may get on with your life.

Again, expertise of how contracts work is an indispensable tool for a Realtor. It is common for an attorney to call a Realtor to request changes. Quick responses will save a lot of aggravation.

A resume of success is important to look for when choosing a Realtor. When a Realtor has experience with emotions it helps in resolving difficult situations. Being a social worker of sorts allows the Realtor to help the parties tee up their lives for life afterwards.

Knowledge of local markets is key for Realtors. Husbands and wives want to know if it is a buyer or seller market, how much homes in the area have sold for and what are the asking prices of homes currently for sale. It is wise to “google” a Realtor to determine if they are successful and can be of help.

As sure as there is sunshine after a storm there is life after divorce. The storm will pass more quickly if you have a Realtor who is knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and experienced. Your Realtor can and will be able to help you get on with your life.