Benefits of a Too Small House



You might have been raised to believe that bigger is better, but there are incredible benefits of making a smaller purchase. Maybe you’ve lived in a giant house for years and never noticed how much it costs each month, or the advantages of living with less space. 



In this book Aaron Nelson will show you the many ways small can be beautiful–and that standing in an overpriced American McMansion isn’t worth it when your children still don’t want to clean their rooms. And in order to help others “go small,” he’ll show them where they can do so without breaking the bank! This helpful guide will lead readers from renting tiny houses from quirky landlords who love creativity, to buying affordable houses on land parcels close-in proximity to city centers.

Small houses are incredibly affordable. What might you miss out on by always looking for the least expensive option? Brain scans show that people are less happy in bigger houses, with higher prices tags. You save more money each month than most people will ever earn at their job or find that they need during retirement. 

You may find yourself accumulating new friends and enjoying an overall sense of simplicity—a mental state of ease and simplicity grasped through decluttering, minimalizing one’s possessions, and living in a smaller home.

Sure, there were some downsides—like not being able to host BBQs for all of our friends or take after-work trips without feeling guilty about leaving whoever ended up watching the kids—but who even have those kinds of friends anymore? 

And with a place this small, everything looks newer—even though we’re just old enough that it wouldn’t matter if anything got dirty! Natural wood furniture is so easy to maintain because it won’t be stained by dirt or liquids of any kind unless there’s complete submersion involved! Great-looking products can be made with real solid wood–no exceptions! 

Now that you know how much money we actually saved by living in a smaller space, do you think maybe moving again is worth it?