Easy Thanksgiving Living


Need help hosting Thanksgiving? Are you new to hosting Thanksgivings? It’s understandable. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in America, but it can be stressful for newcomers. Here are some tips to make your guests feel comfortable and have a good time.


Katie McCann, the organizing professional at HAVEN, says “Make lists of everything you need to prep, do, or buy, and then tackle anything that isn’t time-sensitive or needs to be done at the last minute.”

“Just have everyone bring a dish, ideally one they rock at. Ask guests to bring their dishes in a crock pot so it can be plugged in, heated, and served right from there,” says Ana McCann of Ana Interiors. You don’t want to wait for a turn in the oven!

Get some help cleaning up before and after your guests arrive.

You don’t need to many big appetizers or a full bar. Dinner will be filling enough.

Set your table ahead of time to avoid having to have a traffic cop when everyone goes to sit down.

Know where you want everyone to hang their coat when they arrive, you don’t want to have to move them two or three times.

Do you have storage containers for leftovers? It easy to send your guests home with some turkey if you have a plan! Stack the plastic containers near the food instead of the sink so cleanup doesn’t disturb take out!

Just a little bit of planning goes a long way to hosting an enjoyable gathering! Enjoy it!