Divorce Real Estate Agents

Stonington Realtor Bridget Morrissey

How to choose a Realtor when getting a divorce. 

Your relationship may have ended and you need to split your assets.  If the mortgage loan is too much for one spouse to handle and he or she does not qualify to re-finance then the only remaining option may be to sell the property.

At this point it would become necessary to hire a realtor that would be fair to both parties, has sales experience and can handle a stressful situation.

Both spouses would want a realtor with a proven track record of sales and the ability to lessen the emotional strain in an already demanding divorce.

When going through a divorce you need a Realtor that understands the situation.  You need a Realtor that knows the stress you are under to get the home sold quickly, but for fair market value.

Experience is key to selling a home during a divorce.  The Realtor needs to know how to handle controversy and different personalities. The ability to handle the conflict in divorce is essential. The Realtor needs to be a good listener to both sides and be able to show that acting to hurt the other party just slows down the whole process.

Experience at selling homes is also important.  Get a Realtor who knows your market and can sell the home in the shortest amount of time, for the most value and with as little stress as possible.  Google the Realtor and see if they have had any reviews.

Selling a home during a divorce requires a Realtor with compassion, experience and skills in negotiation and listening.  You need someone who will be fair to both parties and is not afraid to make recommendations.  Make the right choice and let the Realtor work for you so that you can move on with your life.