Mystic eXp Realty Realtor receives newest technology for hearing loss

Mystic Realtor gets the newest technology to improve hearing from Dr. Richard L. Vincent of Ear Nose & Throat Associates of SECT Welcome to Cochlear Osia 2

My name is Will Morrissey and I am a Realtor in the Mystic to Westerly area of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Working with my wife at Bridget Morrissey Real Estate brokered by eXp Realty, we also service the towns of Stonington, Ledyard, Groton, Pawcatuck, North Stonington, Gales Ferry, Preston, East Lyme and Waterford in Connecticut as well as Watch Hill and Charlestown, Rhode Island.

Though my body healed I did not realize my hearing had been impaired.

The symptoms were muffled sounds, difficulty catching a whole conversation, especially when more than one person was talking, having to lean in with my right ear to have statements repeated, and just giving up on conversations in a restaurant.

I could not understand her when she was talking while walking away from me.

It was time to get a hearing test. I started looking into hearing aids and went for a test in East Hartford.

Living in Ledyard, Connecticut, the Ear Nose & Throat Associates of SECT in Waterford and Mystic was the closest audiology service available.

Once Dr. Vincent compared the second set of results with the first set, he let me know the options available to me. I could go in two different directions, hearing aids or Cochlear Implant.

anticipated technology advancements point in the direction of the implant.

Now let me get to the Aha Moment! The tuning fork!

that was the last week of February and our world pretty much came to a stop on March 9 with the announcements related to COVID-19. Appointments had to be postponed.

Coachlear Osia 2

As it turns out, my implant was the first of its kind performed at L&M Hospital. My test for Covid-19 was done on August 4, an EKG on August 6 and the operation performed on August 7, 2020.

Cochlear Osia 2

Dr Alex explained his procedure and some after-effects, like the slight sore throat I felt the day after surgery.

Dr Vincent arrived and described the actual operation to me, when to remove the bandage and set a card in my belongings bag with an appointment for Thursday at 2:00.

Upon entering I met “Ram” who was very busy. I also met the materials manager and the Cochlear Sales Rep as I was being instructed on how to get on the operating table. Alex was putting the mask on and it was lights out for me about five seconds later.

Nancy, the RN, met me in the Recovery Room and removed the highway or tubes she had so skillfully inserted into my right arm earlier.

I had not seen the heavy bandage job and she briefly looked a little horrified.

The following is a checklist given at discharge. The following is a checklist given at discharge.

The following is a checklist given at discharge.

Shortly after arriving at home, it was time to rest!

Waking up the next day, my concern was, did I move the head dressing too much while trying to sleep?

The head dressing just fell away when my wife cut one strip of gauze cloth. In my case it turned out the bandage was more for protection then for leakage. However, if there had been leakage the bandage was there to do its job.

While placing the above pictures and comments I received a call from Erin at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of SECT to see how I was doing.

First post-op appointment

A glue substance closed the incision

So my next scheduled appointment is another hearing test

Cochlear Osia2 implant