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is an area of Stonington, consisting primarily of the valley of the Mistuxet Brook and Quiambaug Cove, and comprising roughly one-sixth of Stonington. Cove Road, Wilcox Road and Lambs Way are the main roads in the Quiambaug neighborhood in Stonington.

“The Quiambaug Valley, and “village of Quiambaug”, is in southeastern Connecticut, in the town of Stonington. It runs along a north/south axis, as is typical of the glacially-carved landscape of this part of New England.

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When trying to describe any valley, it is difficult to define precise borders. Does the valley include the ridges that define it? How about the “outer” flanks of those ridges, that drain elsewhere? As far as a formal definition, there is a Quiambaug Fire District, a legal entity with the power to tax, which includes most of the southern part of the valley and the ridges on either side. However, the northern part of the valley is excluded.

At the south end of the eastern ridge is a point, broken up into two sections: Lord’s Point and Wamphassuc Point, though both are really finger-like extensions of the same ridge.

I doubt people on Lord’s Point, which has its own history and community, would consider themselves as Quiambauggers, though geographically and geologically they are – they just don’t look across the wide bay to Dodges or Andrews Islands, or Latimer Point, and see that as an extension of the Quiambaug Valley. Wamphassuc Point seems to have much more to do with the water on its eastern flank, Stonington Harbor, than it does with Quiambaug Cove, as residents face the obvious accessible water; yet the ridge giving Wamphassuc Point its high ground is clearly just a little further north the eastern ridge of the Valley. Similarly, on the western side of the Valley, the defining ridge breaks into different and distinct mini-ridges, forming Latimer Point, some islands, and the peninsula leading out to Mason’s Island.”

The Quiambaug/Mistuxet Valley

A History of a Valley and its Two Ridges

Bryan A. Bentz

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